Shopping BrandVak Incorporation is a Retail and Shopper Marketing Company helping brands develop their Brand Presence stronger at Retail, whether it is in terms of Visibility, Communication or Shopper Experience.

Our whole objective is to help Product Brands and Retailers alike to create a connect with their shoppers at Retail and build a brand without spending huge monies on TV ads, Print media, Hoardings etc. With the development of organized retail in India in the last few years, there lies a huge potential for brands to explore the idea of intelligently communicating with their shoppers at the Point of Sale where the purchase happens and that is the Store.

At BrandVak we look at Shoppers. So who are shoppers? Shoppers are your consumers in shopping mode. A consumer behaves very differently in a shopping environment than being exposed to brands outside the store environment. Internationally, there is a lot of Shopper research being conducted to gain insights on shopper behaviour and channelizing brand building strategies accordingly. Hence BrandVak brand delivery promise also says "We make your brand speak at Retail"

BrandVak Inc is one of the first focused Retail and Shopper Marketing Companies in India and we are proud to have been able to create a niche for ourselves.

So how are we different?

Traditionally you have the Advertising Agencies who's thought process always starts from a TV Ad Campaign and you have the BTL (Below the line agencies) who are the guys who offer brand promotional services. There are other Boutique design agencies that are more focused on logo design and graphics. But there is a huge gap that exists in the market between these two spectrums on handholding a brand at Retail. Majority of the SME Product Brands and Retailer Brands do not have the bandwidth to invest in TV Ads or expensive print ads or hoarding at the initial stages of brand development and you hardly have any ROI measurement on these investments.

So here is an opportunity to develop the brand at the Retail Store level with the right brand exposure to your shoppers and differentiate yourself at the shelf level at a much reasonable cost and this investment is much easy to track on the effectiveness.

Strategy Model

We handhold a brand as an End-to-End service provider from developing their Go-to Market Strategy, Concept Development, Design Development and Implementing the Strategies to be able to Measure their effectiveness at retail. In-fact, we are working more as an extended marketing arm for brands where we work with them on a collaborative approach to partner in their growth. As a Retail and Shopper marketing partner, we also work in integrating the right skill set required for the brand to offer strategic inputs.


  • Indranath SenGupta

    Director-Retail, ASG Leather Pvt Ltd.

    Brandvak is an extremely important part of the Kompanero family considering the brand was literally conceptualized over dinner with Bijitesh. The Brandvak team not only contributed strongly to the brand identity creation they also guided us through the launch process to help us get Retail ready.
    Since then they have been working closely with us helping us with various aspects of the rapid scaling that we have undertaken. They are our long term partners in the brand evolution journey.
    Whether you are launching a new brand, scaling an existing brand or just looking for a change of identity BrandVak's expertise and creativity will definitely give your brand the leverage you are looking for.

  • Isha Prasad Alva

    Managing Director, Kingsmen Enterprises

    I believe, making a first impression is always important. The first meeting with Bijitesh and his team, gave us the confidence that we are with the right people. I am truly impressed with the Excellent work done by BrandVak. Kingsmen is a satisfied customer of BrandVak. All the best.

  • Vikram Agarwal

    Managing Director, Greendot Health Foods (Cornitos)

    Brandvak Approach is ABOUT Creativity, Passionate Professionalism giving Overall Satisfaction through 360 degree Marketing solution that helps the Brand good presence in Market. Brandvak provides logical asthetic appeal to design which has been tested through in-house marketing research and assured success is a foregone conclusion.

  • M Umood Hussain

    Director, Ubi's Cannery (Rumples)

    When we first approached BrandVak we were a little hesitant in deciding to go with them for the branding of our products. They looked very modest to us in the beginning. But as we grew on each other we realized that they had a ton of ideas and from then on it has been a very good ride for us. Our packaging has been appreciated by the best in the business. The thought process which went into creating the brand "RUMPLES" was very exciting for us. We are very satisfied with the branding.
    The add on which comes with working with BrandVak is they hand hold you in marketing your products. That we have seldom seen in this industry. We are thankful to BrandVak for taking up the branding of our products. God speed.


If you are a manufacturer with a Dream of developing your brand at Retail or an Existing brand unable to realize your retail potential, then leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

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